Episode 64: Jonathan Kilman - Converge Government Affairs

Today we come to you from sunny Miami, Florida. We're not actually here, but our guest - Jonathan Kilman - is.

Jonathan is the Chairman of Converge Government Relations.

Converge is a relatively new firm that works in Tallahassee and the counties in Florida. Although the firm is new, the partners have a vast amount of experience.

One of the areas they're focused on is growing their multi-state practice - with a particular focus on technology and startups.

Jonathan knows a lot of people in the tech world. If you didn’t know he was based in Miami, you'd think he was based in Silicon Valley.


There are a few firms offering multi-state services to their clients, but Converge is doing more - they are actually hiring people and growing rapidly in this area.

Prior to founding Converge, Jonathan practiced law. He is smart. He should be - he went to Harvard Law School. He thinks very strategically about the details of the business on a day to day basis and from a 30,000 foot level.

He also has six kids, which probably keeps him busier than his work at Converge.

We enjoyed sitting down with him.

Hope you enjoy the episode.