Episode 67: Rich Gold - Holland & Knight

Well, once again, we are in Washington, DC. And no, we are not here figure out the Ukraine issue – we are here to sit down with Rich Gold. Rich has been guiding clients through the maze of Washington, D.C. for decades. While doing so he and his colleagues at Holland & Knight have built one of the premier lobbying firms in D.C.

Recently, HK has taken on Burning Man as a client, and is helping them deal with many issues, primarily with the BLM (Bureau of Land Management). We almost interviewed Rich there. We will next year – live!


Back to D.C., and this year. Rich is very smart. He's thoughtful, and obviously strategic.

We talked about how he built the firm, how he fell into lobbying, and some of his passions from his younger days (music – specifically, The Grateful Dead).

We also talk about some difficulties he faced early in his life, and how they helped shape him as a person.

Hope you enjoy the episode.

James Woulfe