Episode 60: Christina Fisher - TecnNet

Well, for state legislators, state lobbyists and in-house government relations staff, the largest conference of the summer was held last week in Nashville, TN. Although we've attended NCSL in the past, we'd never been to Nashville before. What a great city. Cranes everywhere. Our Uber driver told us there is very little crime and low unemployment. And, although it is hot, it was still great - the music, the food (barbecue!), and the people.

During the day the conference attendees attend meetings with panel discussions or speakers where issues or model legislation is discussed. Nighttime is a whirlwind of receptions and dinners. Also, during the day people will have lunches or “coffees.” Lobbyists are there to see clients and legislators, and try to find new clients. Legislators are there to learn about new issues and hear what other states are doing. I think most attendees would agree it’s productive - and fun - but tiring.

This week we head to ALEC in Austin, TX - as if Nashville wasn’t hot enough! The coolest day in Austin this week will be 99 degrees!


This week on the show we talk to Christina Fisher. Christina just took over as Executive Director of the Northeast for TechNet.

She covers a lot of states (21!), and is a one-person shop for her region. That is a lot of states and a lot of issues to cover for one person. Christina is a lawyer, and learned about drafting legislation while working at the state capitol in Boston. She is another person that leveraged an internship to propel her to a full time job.

We get some great advice from Christina. We think you will enjoy the interview.