Episode 55: Alex Johnson - InState Partners

Today we hear from the President of InState Partners in Washington, D.C., Alex Johnson. 

InState Partners is another firm that helps clients work in multiple state capitols. Interestingly, however, they have a focus on tech startups. 

One such startup is Payit. Do you like standing in line at the DMV? Then you wouldn’t like Payit. Payit is a platform that makes it easy for states to interact with constituents via the Internet. Say good bye to to long lines at the DMV!

We hear about another startup they are working with as well - Acivilate - helping people come out of prison and make the adjustment to life on the outside.


Alex got his start in fundraising and has had a lot of very cool jobs, including working on Sen. John McCain’s 2000 Presidential campaign - the Straight Talk Express!

He also worked for Jack Kemp - who, as you may remember, became a mentor to Congressman Paul Ryan.