Episode 50: Suri Kasirer - Kasirer, LLC

Today we sit down with Suri Kasirer of Kasirer, LLC - one of the most successful lobbying firms in NYC. Over 200 clients!

Suri is a force of nature. Energetic, focused, tough, and smart. We really liked her. If you had a problem, you would feel safe with Suri in your corner. 

She gives us so much in this interview: how she built a business, her approach to lobbying, how she got her start, and some great stories that could only happen in NY. 

This interview could have lasted for hours - she's that engaging. But we were lucky to have Suri talk with us at all - she's very busy.


Suri shares a great story about Mayor Giuliani and Garry Kasparov. Kasparov is the former #1 Chess Player in the world. Suri tells us about how she met him, and accidentally snatched the World Chess Championship from Berlin, Germany. She instead hosted it at the top of the World Trade Center. 

But what we liked most about our conversation with Suri was hearing how she approaches lobbying; she gives great advice.

Tune in and hear everything she has to offer.