Episode 52: David Weinraub - Brown Weinraub

From now on, when I think of lobbying in Albany, I will think of David Weinraub.

When you speak with David, you get the feeling you are sitting in a bar or a coffee shop in Brooklyn or Queens speaking with a political boss. 

And for good reason - David is from Brooklyn, and he was Gov. Mario Cuomo’s Political Director in Queens.


Prior to getting his break with Gov. Cuomo, he earned his law degree. And, while scraping by a living as a lawyer, he volunteered at night phone banking for Cuomo's campaign. Someone noticed, and the next thing he knew, he had a job - a big job, and a steady paycheck.

After that, he went on to hold some interesting jobs in the administration, and ultimately started his own lobbying firm. Today, the firm has thirty employees and over 200 clients. Not bad for a kid from Brooklyn.

David tells some great stories, and has a certain directness that is refreshing.

Tune in and get a glimpse into New York politics.