Episode 51: John Goodwin - The Weather Channel

John Goodwin is Vice President of Communications and Head of Marketing for the Weather Channel.

We learn that when severe weather is about to strike an area, there is a lot of work to be done to notify local, state and federal officials. John oversees that. There is also a lot of coordination required when the channel rolls out new shows.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves . . .


Way back before he worked at the Weather Channel, John got a scholarship offer to play hockey in college, but he turned it down. Why? Because in a high school AP History class he became hooked on lobbying. He thought it would be an interesting career, and was determined to go to college in the D.C. area - and he did just that. 

Six internships and many jobs on Capitol Hill later, he is having a very successful career.

John talks all about his internships, life on the hill as a staffer and a lobbyist, and the difference between working in NYC and Washington, D.C.