Episode 49: Mark Desantis - Roadbotics

With all the talk about infrastructure investment, we thought we would dive into the topic. We didn’t want to bring you the typical company building roads, bridges and airports, though - not that there's anything wrong with that.

We wanted to bring you a company on the cutting edge. A new tech company. A Silicon Valley company.

And we found it . . . Except it's in Pittsburgh. But that makes sense, because Carnegie Mellon is in Pittsburgh, and they have the leading program in the country for Artificial Intelligence (AI).

We found the company that's using AI to revolutionize how cities and states can collect, analyze, and utilize data to take better care of roads. The company is Roadbotics. We sit down with their CEO Mark DeSantis. What a company. What a CEO.

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Mark is a serial entrepreneur. Prior to that we discovered he was a serial political guy. He had many different jobs in politics and even ran for Mayor of Pittsburgh.

At one point, however, he decided he wanted to make a difference in a different way, and he began to make the transition from government relations to entrepreneur. And boy, does he succeed.

Wait until you hear the story.

James Woulfe