Episode 48: David O'Connor - ML Strategies

For most state lobbyists, their legislative sessions are winding down. They are now in the frantic final weeks; trying to stop certain bills and pass others. 

One such lobbyist is David O’Connor of ML Strategies in Boston. David has been at ML Strategies for over 10 years. His focus is on renewable energy. And that’s because, well, he's an expert. 

You see, his prior job was as Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources. He served multiple governors over his 10 years at the Department. So, you could say he knows a little about energy. 

In addition to that, early on, he built a career in dispute resolution. Talk about the perfect combination for an energy lobbyist! 

David is very thoughtful and smart and you get the feeling he enjoys diving into policy. 

So sit back and listen and learn all about renewable energy in New Engand.