Episode 47: Adam Probolsky - Probolsky Research

Today we speak with Adam Probolsky.  Adam founded and runs Probolsky Research – a polling firm based in California. 
Like many of our guests, Adam got an early start in politics.  He is yet another example of the motto "you can’t start too early." It's a common thread of our guests' bios. He was working in the Orange County political scene at age 22. 
We hear about how Adam got into polling. Another common theme here - he never planned on getting into the business. But, he saw an opportunity, and made a successful career out of it. 


Adam tells us about his early campaigns and dives into how his firm helps clients – he walks us through the process step by step. It's very helpful, and interesting to hear.  

He also demonstrates the importance of mentors. Adam points to the people who helped him early in his career as the reason for his success today. That's another trend we've seen among many of our guests. 
I really like Adam. He was full of energy, and totally present. 
And, he was completely at ease – one can see why clients like him.