Episode 42: Ben Pearlman - Lowe's

Today on the show, we hear from Ben Pearlman. Ben is the Head of State Government Affairs, Northern Region, for Lowe's. 
Lowe’s is a home improvement company based in North Carolina. It has more than 2,000 stores and over 300,000 employees. It is the second largest hardware chain in the entire world. Lowe’s' first store was opened in 1921 by Louis Smith Lowe.

Ben and I sat down in Boston to discuss Lowe’s, the retail business, and his career.

Ben went to college at American University. Like many people, Ben got his start with an internship on the Hill. He later attended Indiana University Law School (but he is a Purdue fan).

He then headed North. to Boston. Here, he went to work as Legal Counsel in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. He later spent time at Comcast as a Senior Government Affairs Manager. 

There are so many issues that can impact a company like Lowe’s. He must be busy! It was great to sit down with Ben and meet someone working on multiple problems across multiple states.