Episode 43: Paul Hatch - Dentons

This week, we hear from Paul Hatch. Paul is the CEO of the Nextlaw Public Affairs Network, a subsidiary of Dentons.

In 1976, Paul was in Utah, enjoying life. Things were good. Then a friend decided to run for office - a cousin. And well, things got even better. 

That cousin was Orrin Hatch. Paul liked politics. He was good at it, and loved the campaign life. His cousin won, too - Orrin ended up serving seven terms in the U.S. Senate.

Then, in 1991, another friend asked for some help with a campaign. That friend was Mike Leavitt. Mike was elected Governor of Utah, and after he won, he asked Paul to go work at the Republican Governor’s Association. Paul became the Executive Director, packed his bags and moved to Washington, D.C. 

Hatch Photo.jpg

Paul has never looked back. Well, maybe a few times - like when we sat down to speak with him. He's one of the many people in D.C. who moved there temporarily for work, but stayed for life. 

We hear about the different aspects of his work at Dentons. He tells us about their various business units, including the Nextlaw Public Affairs Network, where Paul serves as CEO. The network has over 200 member companies. It's a two-way referral network, with firms from all over the world. Paul has turned that network into a community.

Paul is very thoughtful. We enjoyed sitting down with him.