Episode 37: Jim Conroy - Republican Campaign Consultant

Today we do something slightly different.  We sit down with a campaign consultant – Jim Conroy.    
Jim is the person who has run Governor Charlie Baker’s gubernatorial campaigns. Of all the Governors across the United States, the Republican from Massachusetts has the highest ratings. 
72%.  Wow. 
That’s his approval rating.  And he has been at or near the top of the rankings for a long time. Governor Hogan of Maryland is second at 68% (interesting note – 9 out of the top 10 are Republicans).


Jim has long been a campaign consultant, with experience working on all aspects of campaigns from door knocking to serving as chief of staff for a gubernatorial transition team.

He shares his stories from the fast-paced environment of campaign work and provides insight into what makes a successful campaign, discussing campaign economics and how to to allocate resources on both the state and national level.

If you are in Massachusetts and play golf – give Jim a call.