Episode 40: Casey Whittington - Blue Duck Scooters

Today we talk to someone in the middle of the Scooter Wars.
We're back in the great, big state of Texas. Well, we're not actually there – our guest is from Texas . . .  we interviewed him in Boston. 
Our guest is Casey Whittington of Blue Duck Scooters
As everyone knows, the scooter industry is hot right now - and every lobbyist is trying to land a scooter company.  
Well, look no further. Blue Duck just received another $5 million round of funding  - and Casey says they are looking to expand.  The company’s valuation doubled from $75 million to $150 million. 


Casey tells us how he met the charismatic founder, Eric Bell, who predicted the first night they met that they would one day work together – and he was right.
He hired Casey
 to head up government relations at Blue Duck.  Casey now spends most of his time on a plane flying from one city to the next. He tells us all about the scooter industry. 
We learn an interesting tidbit about how long the typical scooter lasts before it has to be replaced – it was surprising to me.  See if you can guess the average scooter's lifespan.   
Casey had good training for this crazy work.  He worked full time as a bartender as he made his way through college.    

It is an interesting discussion – put in your ear buds, grab a scooter and enjoy the show.