Episode 33: Kristin Smith - BlockChain Association

This week we sit down with someone who is working on an issue that everyone is talking about - Blockchain. 

That’s right. We talk with Kristin Smith, the Director of External Affairs at the Blockchain Association. 

Prior to this interview, I am not sure I could have explained what Blockchain is. I kind of knew, but I couldn’t explain it. 

We had a very interesting discussion about what Blockchain is, what is so exciting about it, and what it means for the future. Blockchain is exciting not just as a currency; It has many more uses than that. It is also basically unhackable. 


Kristin grew up in California, went east for college, majored in Biology, and ended up working on the Hill. From there, she never looked back. She's worked for some well known politicians such as Conrad Burns and Olympia Snow. 

She learned a great deal working in D.C., and became an expert on all things related to communications law. And, she had a lot of interaction with lobbyists. Kristin then made the transition from the Capitol to the private sector. 

Now, she has helped launch the Blockchain Association and is the first employee. A little different than being a staffer!