Episode 36: Alex Tourk - Ground Floor Public Affairs

Today we sit down in beautiful downtown San Francisco with Alex Tourk of Ground Floor Public Affairs.

During my prep for the interview, I looked at Alex's client list; it's incredible! Here are some that jumped out at me: Amazon, Airbnb, Salesforce, Square, Eaze, San Francisco Giants, Dropbox, Lyft and Silver Car. Holy smokes.   
Alex has worked for many heavyweights in California politics. He got his start interning for Sen. Barbara Boxer. Then, Willie Brown – an icon and legend in California – took him under his wing. He was Willie's protégé at San Francisco City Hall and ran his 1999 re-election campaign. He also oversaw Gavin Newsom’s campaign for Mayor in 2003. 


Alex gives us a great analogy, comparing campaign work to being in a play.  You love each other one day and hate each other the next. Regardless, once the lights go on, it's show time - sink or swim. Alex also gives some good tips for work and life.  
Alex’s mother was a trail blazer. She worked at the William Morris Agency in New York City as a secretary. She eventually was promoted to become an agent in the Beverly Hills office and moved to L.A. with eight year old Alex and his sister.  
With Gavin Newsom he helped start Project Homeless Connect as a way to bring necessary services to people experiencing homelessness in San Francisco. It has been so successful that its been copied across the U.S. in over 200 cities, and even expanded to several other countries.     
It was great to sit down with Alex….if you are in San Francisco look him up!