Episode 35: Anne Perkins - Adobe

This week we hear from Anne Perkins, who is Senior Manager for Government Relations at Adobe
We learn that Adobe is much more than PDF’s – much more.  
We also hear about Anne’s career. In college, she was a Philosophy major.  What do you do after that? Go to law school!
Anne attended CUA Law School in Washington, D.C. and had a focus in Communications.
So, if your concentration is in Communications Law and you are in Washington, D.C., where should you get an internship? The FCC, of course - and that’s exactly what Anne did.


She really liked her work there. Better yet, it turned into a full time job working for Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein. He served on the FCC throughout most of the George W. Bush administration. 
From this starting point, her career took off – and we hear all about it. 
Interesting tidbit on Anne – she is a very competitive golfer.  At one point she had an 8 handicap! 
Anyway, we loved speaking with her.  We loved learning about Adobe and her career. Hopefully you do too! 

James Woulfe