Episode 34: Phil Recht - Mayer Brown

Today we sit down with Phil Recht. Phil is the Managing Partner of Mayer Brown's office in Los Angeles. They have a beautiful office on the 25th floor overlooking sunny L.A. We sat down in their conference room and had a great chat.

Phil talks about campaigns, the Clinton administration, and reminisces on how it all began. We also talk about some of his current work helping clients interact with government entities.

After attending Yale, Phil got his start working on Capitol Hill for Congressman Joe Moakley from Massachusetts. He then moved to California, where his career would take a fortuitous turn. 


One day he found himself in front of Mickey Kantor. He wanted to inquire about helping out on the Walter Mondale campaign. 

Despite Phil being new to California, Mickey said "nice to meet you - you're in charge of the field staff." He thought to himself “what does the field staff even do?” 

Phil said "yes," and it was the first of many presidential campaigns in California he would work on. Mickey needed someone to run the field staff, and there was a smart, eager young person standing in front of him. Perfect example of how ambition and opportunity can advance your career.