Episode 32: Alison Pepper - The 4 A's

Today we sit down with Alison Pepper from the 4 A’s. 
There's four A's there -  not 3! AAAA - the American Association of Advertising Agencies - is the trade association for advertising agencies. It has over 700 members. Alison is their Senior Vice President for Government Relations. 
Alison had just arrived back in D.C. from NYC when we interviewed her.  She was attending the Silver Apples Gala  - an awards dinner for advocacy in the direct, digital and data marketing fields.             
She grew up in Georgia and attended the University of Georgia, where she majored in journalism on a HOPE scholarship.      
Her first political job was in 1999-2000, working under the Georgia Capitol dome for the Georgia Senate. After that internship, she fell in love with politics and decided to go to law school. While working towards her J.D., Alison went to work for the Secretary of State’s office in Georgia and the Beverage Association in Georgia. 
Once done with law school she packed up her bags and drove to DC to work.  There was one problem, though – she didn’t have a job yet!  A few of our guests have done this, and I've got to give them credit, it's very brave.


She landed a job at the Public Affairs Council. From there, she landed a job at Experian and went on to work at the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).   
Data security, privacy, and advertising are central themes to her career. She is very busy dealing with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from the EU and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA); helping her members understand and comply with this new legislation.   
What Alison likes a lot about her job is meeting new elected members.  She also points out that no two days are the same in lobbying, which is certainly true. And, she loves the diversity of issues and locales she gets to cover. Of all the State Capitols, she recommends checking out Sacramento. 

James WoulfeAlison Pepper, 4As