Episode 30: PJ Hoffman - Electronic Transactions Association

Since it’s mid-January, most of the state capitols have begun their legislative sessions. The inaugurals are over and work has started. 

We, however, are back in Washington, D.C. sitting down with PJ Hoffman of the Electronic Transactions Association, or "ETA." They have over 500 members, and whenever you swipe your credit card or pay with your smartphone, you are most likely interacting with one of their member companies.


PJ has worked for some of the best known names in the Democratic Party: Tom Daschle, Joe Donnelly and Bill Nelson. 

Most impressive was the fact that he worked 3 days a week in college at his first political internship - where he commuted 90 minutes each way. Are you kidding me!? Wow. While he was in college!

We enjoyed sitting down with PJ to learn more about him and ETA. Great guy. Smart guy. Hard working.