Episode 14: Jeff Taylor - USGRI

Jeffrey L. Taylor is the managing partner of U.S. Government Relations Intl., LLC (USGRI), a government affairs firm based in Washington, DC. He is also a principal in Falcontree Capital, LLC, a financial development firm, and a contributing writer for POLITICO’s “The Arena” section, a cross-party forum where elected officials and opinion leaders discuss current political and policy issues.

  • Jeff Taylor was born and raised in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

  • Jeff's father was a local radio broadcaster at WHEB

  • He attended Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts

  • Jeff was a part-time disc jockey in high school and college before transitioning to politics

  • His first position in politics was working for U.S. Senator Gordon Humphrey, as his driver.

  • Jeff then worked on a number of campaigns, including the campaigns of Congressman George Wortley, then Vice President George H.W. Bush, and more.

  • After George H.W. Bush won his 1992 bid for the presidency, Jeff worked in the Bush administration for 8 months, before heading back to campaign work.

  • Jeff's next career move was working for Congressman David McIntosh as his chief of staff

  • After serving for six years as McIntosh's chief of staff, he transitioned to lobbying, first at a small Indiana firm, and then at a larger New York-based firm.

  • He started his own lobbying firm - USGRI.com - in 2008

  • Jeff's firm leverages LinkedIn to find new clients - at one time all of the firm's clients came from connections on LinkedIn 

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