Episode 24: Sarah Sheehy - California Burbank Airport

Today we continue our California journey and sit down with Sarah Paulson Sheehy, Senior Director of Government & Public Affairs for the Hollywood Burbank Airport. Although it's one of five airports in the L.A. area, it's similar in size to the airport that serves the entire state of Connecticut. 

Our interview with Sarah almost didn’t happen. On the day of the interview her daughter was home sick from school, and Sarah obviously couldn’t come meet us in downtown L.A. So, we packed up our mobile studio, set it up at Sarah’s kitchen table, and did the interview right there in her kitchen with a beautiful view of Baldwin Hills.


As I spoke with Sarah I was struck by how the career paths of our guests are so similar. I think the one common denominator is that they sought out opportunities, said yes to whatever crazy job or task needed to be completed, and then worked hard at getting it done. Sarah is no exception. 

Sarah learned a great deal at Shallman Communications and went on to work at Cerrell Associates, the California Grocers Association and Mattel. She is very good at what she does and we really enjoyed sitting down with her. 
I hope you enjoy the interview.