Episode 27: Eric Ellman - CDIA

Today we sit down with Eric Ellman of the Consumer Data Industry Association (“CDIA”), which is the trade association of the consumer reporting agencies, including nationwide credit bureaus. In addition to their work helping consumers get loans, they work with law enforcement and child enforcement agencies. 

CDIA has over 100 members, and works to help consumers who are “underbanked” – consumers who do not have enough credit to get a loan. 
Eric has been to all 50 state Capitols. Some of his favorites are Honolulu, and the Roundhouse in Santa Fe.

He tells us an interesting story about his volunteer work with the Yiddish Book Center in Amherst, MA, and also tells us about working with Anita Dunn, who later went on to work with President Barak Obama.


Like a lot of people in GR, Eric’s first passion or interest was in holding public office. His plan – actually his mother’s plan – was to become President. Unfortunately it got derailed when he lost his election for the House of Delegates in Maryland.
The inspiration for running for office may have come from his Great Uncle Gerald Ellman, who ran for an Assembly seat in New York in 1933. 
We had a very interesting interview with Eric – we hope you like it.