Episode 26: Bryan Jacobs - BMW

Today we sit down with Bryan Jacobs, the Vice President of Government and External Affairs at BMW. Yes that’s right - BMW.

And, to help me prepare for the interview, Bryan lent me a fleet of BMWs to drive for a month so I would have more familiarity with the product. I wish - obviously, I am kidding.

Bryan graduated from the University of Wyoming, where he worked his way through college by running the food service on campus. He also found time to go skiing with his friends. However, when you are paying for your own college education, you can’t waste money on silly lift tickets. Instead, Bryan and his friends would grab some beer and their skis and walk up glaciers. It’s better than a ski mountain, and it’s free.


Before joining BMW Bryan worked - and learned the right way to do things - at Home Depot.

Like a lot of us, Bryan got his start in politics as an intern - a job he obtained in a random way, which as you all know is not unusual.

Bryan is calm, smart and good at what he does. We enjoyed sitting down with him. We hope you enjoy the interview.