Episode 25: Beth Loudy - SGAC

The best way to get more clients is to do great work and hopefully get great results.
The second way is to know someone like Beth Loudy at State Government Affairs Council (SGAC).  SGAC is the group to which in-house state government relations professionals belong where they share the latest news and activity from all state capitals. 
More importantly, to state-based lobbyists, it is also where these same GR professionals get recommendations as to which lobbyists to hire in the various state capitols.


Two in-house GR professionals told me they always turn to their colleagues at SGAC for recommendations. 

SGAC also has a robust certificate program where members can take courses to keep up to date on their GR skills and knowledge. 

And, if you are active in more than two jurisdictions, you should look at joining SGAC. 

Enjoy today’s episode. 

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