Episode 23: Allen Erenbaum - Consumer Health Alliance

I landed at LAX and went straight to the interview. Thankfully, I didn't have to deal with the notorious L.A. traffic. It was only 10 minutes away.

I was going to speak with Allen Erenbaum. He grew up in Pittsburgh, then went to Brandeis and Harvard Law. We discuss the Steel Curtain (not the Iron Curtain), his first government/political jobs, his work on the hill, world travels, his time at Mayer Brown, and his life now.


Allen is a great guy. Smart, quick to smile, thoughtful, and generous. I had not seen Allen in over 5 years - maybe longer. He has a great way of explaining things. When he's done, I always find myself agreeing with him. That’s why he's good at what he does.

Some clients become more than clients - you become friendly with them or even become friends. When Allen and I sat down to do the interview, it was like sitting down with an old high school buddy.

After the interview, we went to lunch. We sat outside. It was beautiful. In New England we won't be sitting outside for another 6 months.

I asked Allen about the tempo in L.A. Why is it so different? He waved his hand and said "mostly because of this - the warm, sunny weather. It sets the tone for everything - a more relaxed pace; we're outside all year".

Whatever the reason - like Randy Newman says . . . I love L.A. . .

I hope you enjoy the interview.