Episode 21: Ron Kaufman - Dentons

The mid-terms are over. Finally. Whether you’re happy or disappointed, we can rejoice that they are done.

What a great episode we have today. We sit down with Ron Kaufman – the Republican strategist, advisor, friend and gentlemen.

Ron is old school. He didn’t agree on much, if anything, with his opponents on the other side. However, after the battles were over – they were over. Today with social media and a 24 hour news cycle – geared towards ratings and a specific audience – compromise, and just having basic civility with your opponents, is so much harder.


Ron talks about the importance of compromise and reaching across the aisle; how divided government, like we have today, is what the founders probably envisioned.

He talks about how Sen. Kennedy and President Bush actually worked together on education legislation, and he notes that at times in our past the partisan battles were much worse than they are today. Really. He is hopeful for the country.

Ron got his start as the Republican advisor and political strategist to President George H. W. Bush, and he’s worked for several other presidential candidates, Senators, Governors, and members of Congress. He’s now a Senior Advisor in the Public Policy and Regulation practice at Dentons.

I hope you enjoy the episode. We enjoyed interviewing him.

All the best,


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