Episode 20: Hal Dash - Cerrell Associates

This week we sit down with Hal Dash of the legendary Los Angeles based public affairs firm Cerrell Associates. Cerrell is a full service firm and Hal is their longtime leader having taken over from the founder Joe Cerrell, who was an institution in California Democratic politics.

While Joe Cerrell was a student as USC he would recruit Presidential candidates such as Kennedy and Humphrey to come speak at the university. If you didn’t know that before walking into Cerrell’s offices, you quickly figure it out from the pictures of Jack Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy on the wall. Back then, the USC administration was conservative and didn’t like liberal candidates coming to campus.


Hal talks about running all the different facets of the business, what you need to do to be successful (work hard), how to get new clients (be out meeting people), and offers a lot of other wisdom from someone with a lot of experience.  

It was great to sit down with Hal in their office, where you get the feeling a lot of important California politicians – and others – have also been.  
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