Episode 16: Michael Bloomfield - The Mellman Group

It's that time of year – the mornings are much cooler and darker.  And, being an even-numbered year, we have federal elections in November.  Today’s guest on the show, Michael Bloomfield, is a Democratic pollster who is very busy this time of year.


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Michael works at the Mellman Group, where they “transform data into winning strategies.”  The Mellman Group has been named "Pollster of the Year" three times  - which sounds pretty good to me. In addition to his political work, Michael does branding and messaging work for corporate clients. 

Prior to joining the Mellman Group, Michael worked as the Political Director of The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (“AIPAC”), which is considered one of the most powerful and effective lobbying organizations on the hill.  We sat down in the conference room of the Mellman Group where the walls are covered with posters from campaigns they have worked on. I enjoyed the conversation with Michael and learned a great deal about polling; I hope you do too. 
This week I will be in California for a conference and doing interviews in Los Angeles and San Francisco.  Hopefully, I can remember how to work the portable recorder. 
Until next Monday…….