Episode 17: Michael Behm & Mark Anderson - Stateside Associates

Not one, but two CEOs! That’s right – Stateside Associates is run by co-CEOs Michael Behm and Mark Anderson. Stateside has been the go-to organization for associations and companies tracking bills and regulations and looking for intel in state capitols for over 25 years, and Michael and Mark have been working there for almost as long. We sat down in the Stateside conference room in Arlington, VA looking across the Potomac River at the iconic national monument and watching the planes fly by to land at Reagan National. What a view.


Stateside does all that its name implies – tracking everything going on in the states and relaying that information to their clients. They also have a team of people that reach out to contacts in the states to get intelligence that is not contained in a regulation or bill summary – “boots on the ground.” They even have a specialty practice that only tracks the fastest growing and most active area in the U.S. – state Attorneys General – and attends all their conferences (check out episode 5 with Bob Maurice).
We talked to Michael and Mark about their changing business, how they divide up their time, etc. I have to admit I did expect to pick up on some tension between the two of them - competing for who would be first among equals. But I didn’t - they seem to work seamlessly and got along very well, even when we weren’t recording.
I hope you enjoy the episode. And, if you’re a state lobbyist, you would be wise to get to know Stateside. Clients ask them for recommendations when they’re looking for contract lobbyists. Next time you’re in D.C., stop in and see them.
All the best,