Episode 15: Noelle Porter - National Alliance to End Homelessness

On this week’s episode (click here to download on iTunes), we sat down with Noelle Porter at the National Alliance to End Homelessness.  Like many lobbying firms, think tanks and advocacy groups in Washington, D.C. they are located on K Street.  However, contrary to the perception of plush offices with mini bars, many of the offices are just that – offices.  We were buzzed in to CAEH’s modest offices and sat down with Noelle at the end of what was clearly a hectic day.    
The first impression Noelle makes is her passion for her work.  It wasn’t a surprise to see Noelle’s passion and commitment, though; most people we meet in the non-profit sector have a passion for the cause they’re working for.  The surprise was - as Noelle called it - the “zig zag route” she took to her current job.  


Noelle got her undergraduate degree in architecture at the Georgia Institute of Technology and is now lobbying in Washington, D.C. – that is a unique career path.  Or is it?  A lot of our guests’ careers take “zig zag routes.” Although some people may have their sights on a career in lobbying, just as many - or maybe even more – happen to fall into it.
Anyway, we really enjoyed sitting down with Noelle. We learned about her efforts to maintain funding for homelessness in a time of tight budgets.  How exactly is homelessness defined? How would you define it? These are questions- and answers - that Noelle and her colleagues and advocates across the country deal with every day.
Next week I’ll be heading out to L.A. and San Francisco. We have some great interviews lined up that I think you’ll enjoy. If you have any suggestions for interviews while I’m in California, let me know.
Till next week,